Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Scale Was Not My Friend Today

So today I woke up at what seemed like way to early this morning and headed to my Weight Watcher meeting.  I thought for sure I would have lost at least 1 pound but that simply wasn't the case.  I was really disappointed and kinda felt bad for myself for just a minute.  I reflected on the week and realized I had changed somethings up this week.  I added strength training and I moved more this week.  I had taken a break from exercising because I injured my knee and am starting my physical therapy on my knee this week.  It seems that anytime I take a break from exercising I loss a bit faster than when I am exercising but then when I go back to exercising I either gain or maintain for a few weeks.  At least I can acknowledge these things.  It does stink but life is a journey and so is weight loss.  On a positive note I did not eat my feelings about my lack of weight loss this week, usually that is my go to way of dealing with my feelings...eating, lots of eating.  Instead, I found a beautiful nature park about 30 miles from San Antonio and we spent the afternoon exploring the trails and enjoying the scenery. 

Faith and I at Cibolo Nature Trails (before I lost 53 pounds I would have had a really hard time squatting by that river and then getting up, not a problem any longer!)

So this week I forge on and do the best I can to keep myself motivated and hope that the scale will be my friend once again next Saturday.  So I will still remind myself that I have lost 53 pounds and counting. This is not the end, not the beginning, but the middle of this weight loss journey and the road that leads to success is a bumpy one; this girl is taking back her life and along for the long journey!

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