Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finding Peace and Moving On

Today was a bittersweet day.  It has been 7 months since my dear Zechariah went to be with Jesus.  Today also marks the 2 year anniversary of my best friend Audra's (who is more like a sister than a friend) sister Kathy going to be with Jesus.  So, today has been a day that in the past that I would have eaten my feelings instead of feeling them.  Instead I kept myself productive, washed the laundry, tidied the house, played with Faith outside, just flat out kept myself busy.  Over the weekend I re-decorated Zechariah's room.  It is now pretty and welcoming room, rather than a little boys room that once adorned animals all over the walls.  I also stored away the clothes we decided to keep the blankets and the few trinkets that really touched our hearts. Below is our spare room.  I can't wait for visitors to come and join us in our home.

These floral pictures inspired the rest of the room

The comfy bed that I hope makes visitors feel welcome

Faith posing in the spare room

Life's a long journey and this girl is taking her life back, her health back, and putting her plans at the foot of the cross.  One day at a time, that is all it takes.

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