Friday, September 23, 2011

Size 8's Yes Please!

All right friends this girl has good news!!  Today I went to Old Navy to buy some smaller lounge pants for when I have my stomach surgery in exactly 44 days from today!  There was an amazing deal one pair was on sale for $12.50 and the other pair was $10, but the deal was buy one at full price (even if it is on sale) and get the second for 75% off!  So, my pair that was $10 was only $2.50!  I know you all may not want to know about my stellar deal, but there was also another amazing NSV (non scale victory) for me, I tried on a pair of size 8 jeans and they FIT!  They were a little snug, but not uncomfortable and after my stomach is done it will be fabulous and I will be looking fierce.

Tomorrow is my official weigh in day.  I have put in the hard work this week, spin class MWF and meeting my goal that I had placed for myself this week which was to do my arm toning exercises 3 times this week!  NSV all around this week!!!!  I am hoping the scale will greet me with a 163 and show all the hard work I put in this week!  If the scale is 163 which is what it said today (my unofficial weigh in) that would make for 84 pounds lost!  Can you believe it I have lost approximately 2 and a half toddlers off my body, or 16 bags of 5 pound potatoes, or roughly 10 gallons of milk!

You can do it friends, you can reach your goals if you set your mind to it!  Make a list of things you would like to accomplish and how you will achieve them and start making your dreams come true!!!  Life is a beautiful gift and you deserve your best so get to it friends!!!!

Cheers, Tab


  1. I am SO proud of you, and a bit jealous. Today I have to go buy smaller pants as well and I am so scared about it. Though my size 11's are falling off of me, I worry that if I try on a smaller size, and the first ones are tight I may have a panic attack in the store.

    Ugh, I hate shopping for clothes.

  2. YAY :D so happy for you!!!!!!! Ange, you are a size 11?????? WTH!!!! ugh, cant wait to start losing weight!!!!

  3. Ange, go girl, every brand is different, buy a size that makes you feel good! I think we have esp or something, I was just going to send you a message to tell you I was thinking about you!

    Jonni, you got this girl, one day at a time and the weight will fall off! I believe in you ladies!