Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lessons Learned on a Spin Bike...Leaning Into It

So last Sunday Derek and I went to our first grief share class and there has been a phrase that has been sticking with me all week.  This class is made up of a group meeting which also has a video that accompanies it, at one point a lady of the video said that sometimes you have to "lean into grief."  I didn't really understand what that meant...until Monday in the middle of a grueling spin class.  For my friends who are not avid spinners or you haven't taken a spin class, spin classes are simply indoor aerobic cycling, it is made to simulate hills and flat roads as if you were really riding out side.  With that being said when you are in class there is a point when you are sprinting on the bike, or you have so much gear (added weight) that all you can do is put your head down and lean into the handle bars and push down either as fast as you can while you are sprinting if that is what you are doing or just keep pushing the heavy heavy pedals down as if you are climbing a hill.  I came to realize while I was "leaning into" my spin bike that grief is the same way, you have to lean into the pedals or the bike and at some point you get to let up on the sprinting or eventually take the gear off and it gets easier.  The more you train the easier it gets. The more you "lean into grief" and allow grief to take its course the easier it gets.  Chance encounters get easier, birthdays, death dates, and holidays get a little easier.  Sometimes we just have to lean into it!
Blessings, Tab

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