Tuesday, January 17, 2012

4 Years Ago...

4 years ago I gave birth to my sweet daughter Faith.  4 years ago today I traded my title as solely a wife for the titles of wife and mother!  As my sweet girl naps I have been sitting back reflecting on how many things have changed in the last 4 years, and how many things I have traded in.

So, in no particular order, here goes my list...I know most people know how hard life has been for us these last few years. The last few months, I have been daily trading my sorrow for the joy that comes in the morning.   I have been trading my role as solely a mother for one of a mother and advocate for my children.  I have been trading my grief for a new life with a new meaning.  I have traded unhealthy eating habits for healthy eating habits with the help of Weight Watchers.  I traded my regular workout shoes for spin shoes.  I traded my raggedy gym clothes for nice form fitting ones that I make me feel HOT!  However, most recently I have traded my "squishy" stomach (in the words of Faith) in for a flat stomach!  

I decided for the purpose of continuing to live my truth this year that I would be vulnerable and share with you all the fabulous trade I made with my stomach!

There it is, my "squishy" stomach all marked up for the surgeons!  Getting ready to trade my extra skin for a flat tummy!

Drum roll please.... DA DA DA!  Here is my flat tummy! I traded in a few old scares for a few new ones on my new flat tummy!

Life is all about compromises and trades.  We trade one thing for the next, some trades are fabulous and some not so much.  However, as I sit here reflecting on my trades and compromises the last 4 years I smile because I wouldn't trade all the love, joy, heartache, and lessons that I have learned these last few years.  I don't know what your trades are but just remember friends, with every trade you make God is still good and He is willing to walk along side of you and all the crazy trades that life has to dish out!

Cheers, Tab


  1. Oh, I am SO HAPPY for you!!! You worked so hard to get to your goal, and you deserve this more than anyone I know.

    Give Faith hugs and kisses from us, and remind her that we love her!

    1. Thanks Ange, I am so happy to be at my goal, but with the completion of one goal comes another! More toning for me, Derek's sister is getting married in March, I need to look smokin' hot! I totally gave Faithie a hug and told her you guys love her! Miss ya!

  2. You are such an inspiration!!! I am so excited that you have reached your goals!!! Keep up the work:)

  3. Thanks Amanda, you are so encouraging! Hugs!