Thursday, July 28, 2011

Excercise, I think so!

Okay so I have had a hard time blogging lately, keeping up on everything except my house, resting, catching a breather since moving and then Grandma dying and then the sudden trip back to Cali.  So, with all that being said I have been averaging 1 workout per week.  This week, I decided to make a change, to start getting more workouts in each week, no more excuses!  Last night I was reminded of the good ol' Bob Harper quote, "Stand up and finish what you started."  I needed to remember that and take it to heart.  Truth be told I have been kinda wavering lately.  I have been tracking my food and eating pretty healthy but I could be doing better, especially if I am going to slack on exercise.  So last night I laced up my Saucony's and ran like it was the easiest thing I have done all week (even though I had to keep telling myself to put one foot in front of the other)!  I am proud to say that today I forced myself to do my yoga video.  Let me tell you all, if you don't want to walk when your done do this workout!  Just kidding it is not that bad, but it was definitely hard and I got a good workout in but I am indeed sore from last night and tonight.  Note to self keep working out it makes life and workouts way easier!!!!  So friends lace up those shoes, go for a run, take a walk, do something today is the perfect day to start!


  1. Getting active only gets easier once you start. A journey of 1,000 miles starts with 1 step. If your finding yourself continually sore you might want to look into some post-recovery shake or my personal favorite is AdvoCare nighttime recovery too. Love the stuff go to bed sore wake up feeling great. Even works for over weeding in a garden if you do that too! Is the Warrior Yoga like Power yoga? I've tried that before & didn't care for it. Felt like it was missing the stretching part of the workout but trying too hard to make it look like your a fanatic sun worshiper or something.

  2. Yes I think it would be considered power yoga. At the end there is soe stretching, and relaxation. I will definetley have to check into that nighttime recovery! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Getting back in the groove is always hard but seems much more rewarding..keep up your awesome work. Have you tried hot yoga?